Dr Ray Truant, PhD

Ontario, Canada

Ray completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto, Victoria College, and continued on to his graduate studies in the Department of Medical Genetics and Microbiology at the C.H. Best Institute. After receiving his doctorate in 1996, Ray studied as a post-doctoral Research Associate at Duke University in the department of Genetics. In 1999, Ray was appointed Assistant Professor at McMaster University, where he researches CAG repeat diseases, focusing on Huntington’s Disease. In 2001, Ray won the CIHR 'New Scientist' award. In 2005, he was promoted to Associate Professor. He is Chair of the Scientific Advisory board of the Huntington Society of Canada and a member of the Cell Biology and Mechanisms of Disease (CBM) Panel at the CIHR. He’s also a moderator at the PLOS HD currents journal.