HDBuzz is funded by a consortium of HD community organizations. Our founding partners are the Huntington’s Disease Association of England and Wales, the Huntington Society of Canada and the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. The Griffin Foundation, a non-profit educational foundation, is a major funding partner.

These organizations fund and support HDBuzz as a service to the entire HD community, but do not receive special access to its content, which is freely available to all. They don’t have any editorial control over our content, nor have they ever asked for it.

The European Huntington Disease Network – an independent network of scientists and HD professionals – provides HDBuzz with critical non-financial administrative assistance and advice. They also provide some translation support, free of charge, to ensure that HDBuzz content is available to the broadest possible audience.

HDBuzz is continuing to raise funds. We hope to maintain our efforts by receiving donations from other HD community groups, philanthropic organizations and other organizations and individuals that support our mission. In future, we may include a donation button on our site to accept personal donations online – but payment is not required to access HDBuzz content, and never will be.

HDBuzz does not accept funding or support from drug companies or anyone else with a vested interest in a particular therapy for HD. HDBuzz loves drug companies – we’re hoping they help us cure HD! But taking money from any organization dedicated to a particular therapy could give the impression of bias in our reporting, which we aim to avoid.

HDBuzz funding partners