Charles Sabine

London, UK

Emmy-award winning tv journalist, Charles Sabine, has worked for the us network NBC news for 26 years. That career took him, via twelve wars, six revolutions, and four earthquakes, to most of the news events of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia since the early 1980s. There, he learnt first-hand the extraordinary limits that the human spirit is capable of reaching, in the face of tragedy inflicted by both nature and mankind. In 2008, he decided to put the lessons of those experiences to a different use, when he became a pioneering spokesman for freedom of scientific research, and sufferers of dementia – in particular, Huntington’s disease, which has ravaged his family. That role has led to Sabine speaking at prestigious venues across the world, among them, the European and British parliaments, the Royal Institution in London and the World Congress on Freedom of Scientific Reasearch.